Thursday, 5 February 2015


My heart is lifted up in worship
My soul magnifies the lord
He is beyond description
Words cannot express his greatness
Human mind cannot fathom his person.

Full of glory
Full of Majesty
Full of loving kindness
His compassion is without end
His mercies endures forever.

The whole earth shows forth his glory:
The firmament and the oceans,
The trees and their fruits,
They are the works of His hands.

Let all nation sing and rejoice in the Lord
Let His praise be on our lips
Every tongue, every tribe, nation and people
Rejoice in the Lord,
Rejoice in the God of our salvation.

The earth trembles at his voice
the oceans stand awe of His presence
His glory fills the whole earth
How wonderful are you Lord?
Let all that i am magnify the Lord
Who can deny His supremacy?
He is God.

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