Tuesday, 8 March 2016

TABITHA - an epitome of love and kindness

This great woman was mentioned in the book of Acts chapter 9:36-43 because of her impact. Her existence and life was felt by everyone around her. When she was to be described, the scriptures says ' a believer always doing kind things for others especially the poor'. She was just a believer not any title holder but even the poor around her benefited from her walk with God. She was a reflection of the person of her maker. She was known for her kindness and when she  even died, the people around her could not just let go of her, they could not accept that their benefactor was gone. They sent for Peter, they wanted a miracle. They sought for a miracle for her when it was impossible for her to do so. Our life must live indelible marks of love in the life of others that is when we have actually LIVED. As a believer, a question is pertinent to ask from the life of this woman - Can the people around us go to any extent to make sure we recover from an illness or see to it that we get a miracle?. we must learn to dispense the love of God freely to those around us by giving that seemingly little token in love to others and we'd be amazed by how much it means to them. We must love not just in words but in our actions.


Sometimes we drift away from his presence
thinking that his weight is burdensome
but we soon discover that it is light compared to the yoke that the world bestows
Worries and cares are endless
Pains and sorrows unending,
time is far spent
and the day gradually drawing to an end,
but the saviour gives a second chance
to those whom his face will seek again
with true repentance and open heart
like the lost sheep in the wilderness
it is time to return home
to the one who cares all day long.