Friday, 1 April 2016


He gave his life for me what a wondrous thing.
Though not easy, he went through it all because of me
He did not think of the consequences though he knew them all when he took the decision
He endured the cross just because of me.
Wondrous love
I can't tell it all
He set me free
He gave me life
He gave me joy
Words cannot express this great sacrifice
The Lamb of God was crucified
The devil was confused
Alas, my victory was bought
He purchased it with his blood
I am free
Free indeed
Free from death
Never to die again
He gave me eternal life - His very life
I rejoice in this victory
The victory Christ bought for me
It cost him all he had
He left his glory and splendour just because of me
He was beaten
He went through the shame

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