Friday, 30 January 2015


Have you ever wondered how everything came into being?
So beautiful, 
Some look like paintings from a skilled painter,
Others like sculptures.
Life itself seems like a seasonal movie,
Episodes seems unending.
No one with the glimpse of the next except the scriptwriter:
tragedy, fun, adventure, all parts of the script.
Have you ever seen a new born baby?
so small and tiny but in the process of time becomes an adult or
a seed growing to become a big tree?
These are parts of the beauties of life.
You can never count the stars or sand by the seashore.
Your imagination can even be wider than mine.
In all these things,
i see a hand,
i feel a presence beyond the physical that hold them in being,
cause them to be.
If you want to experience this hand, feel this presence and understand mysteries,
If you want your life to be like that painting or that sculpture that amazes men,
get to the maker of heaven and earth,
he's nearer than you can think.
He wants to paint your life in beautiful colours and sculpt a perfect artwork,
Release your all to him and see what he will do with it
He's calling...

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